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    Andrew Remnev was born in 1962 in a Moscow Yakhroma, graduated from the Moscow School of Arts and Surikov Academy, worked in France, Switzerland, Cyprus, during the eight years he studied icon painting in the Holy Andronic monastery in Moscow.



     Андрей Ремнев (Andrey Remnev) | Art


    His style is built on a combination of techniques of ancient icons, Russian painting of XVIII century, ”World of Art and Russian Constructivism. Like the artists of the past, belts uses natural pigments, manually deleted the egg yolk.




    “My paintings are distinguished by attention to detail and meticulous decorating a conditional Russian style.


    Андрей Ремнев (Andrey Remnev) | Art&Tatucya


    Other works are written in a different, more symbolic way. However, they have in common with the first accented by decorative: a careful selection of details, almost laconic, bordering on cheap popular.



    I tried to convey a sense of wonder, the unique experience of touching the mystery … ”




    Migration - Andrey Remnev

     Андрей Ремнев (Andrey Remnev) | Art




    Andrey Remnev



    Андрей Ремнев (Andrey Remnev) | Art


    Andrey Remnev


    Андрей Ремнев (Andrey Remnev) | Art&Tatucya









    Polina’s Portret




    title unknown





    title unknown













    title unknown




    title unknown




    A Science Of Dreams




    Horned kichka (bonnet)




    Gold Hunting




    Silk Birds




    Blue Birds


    (Andrey Remnev official site)





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