(April 18, 1839 - 14 June 1914)

    Style: Impressionist

     Evert-Jan Boks  was born in Beekbergen on April 18, 1839.

    Education: Evert-Jan went through a school in Apeldoorn and then had a post in a tax office.

    He attended college at the High School Citizen in Het Loo, was short time pupil of Nicholas Pieneman in Amsterdam in 1858 and enrolled at the Academy of Antwerp where he became a pupil of Nicaise De Keyser .





    Achievements: He specialized in portraits and genre scenes, especially saloon scenes and scenes of family life, often with a humorous note. He worked closely with two Antwerp art dealers who are productions declined: Albert D’Huyvetter senior and his son Albert junior , both very focused on American art worked, and furthermore with the art dealer Delahaye.

    - See more at: http://www.oilpaintingsshop.com/evert-jan-boks/#sthash.jLml0wZS.dpuf 





    Evert Jan Boks - Der schwarze Hut














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