Portrait of Countess Teresa Zumali Marsili With Her Son Giuseppe by Francesco Hayez, 1833 Italy

    Portrait of Countess Teresa Zumali Marsili With Her Son Giuseppe by Francesco Hayez, 1833 Italy




    Francesco Hayez (né à Venise le 10 février 1791, mort à Milan le 21 décembre 1882) est un peintre italien. Artiste majeur du romantisme historique italien du milieu du XIXe siècle à Milan, il est reconnu pour ses grands tableaux historiques (principalement du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance), ses allégories politiques, ses portraits et ses compositions de style troubadour.




    File:El Beso (Pinacoteca de Brera, Milán, 1859).jpg

    Le baiser 1859






    Portrait of Alessandro Manzoni 1841


    Francesco Hayez :
    1791-1882 Italian Francesco Hayez Galleries Hayez came from a relatively poor family from Venice. His father was of French origin while his mother, Chiara Torcella, was from Murano. The child Francesco, youngest of five sons, was brought up by his mother sister, who had married Giovanni Binasco, a well-off shipowner and collector of art.
    Francesco Hayez Portrait of the Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria
     Portrait of the Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria 1840 
    From childhood he showed a predisposition for drawing, so his uncle apprenticed him to an art restorer. Later he became a student of the painter Francisco Magiotto with whom he continued his studies for three years.
     Francesco Hayez Portrat des Pompeo Marchesi.
     Portrat des Pompeo Marchesi.
    He was admitted to the painting course of the New Academy of Fine Arts in 1806, where he studied under Teodoro Matteini.
    Antoniet Negroni Prati Morosini
    In 1809 he won a competition from the Academy of Venice for one year of study at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome. He remained in Rome until 1814, then moved to Naples where he was commissioned by Joachim Murat to paint a major work depicting Ulysses at the court of Alcinous.
    Francesco Hayez Portrait of Cristina di BelgiojosoTrivulzio  
      Portrait of Cristina di BelgiojosoTrivulzio 1832
    In the mid 1830s he attended the Salotto Maffei salon in Milan, hosted by Clara Maffei (whose portrait Hayez painted for her husband), and he was still in Milan in 1850 when he was appointed director of the Academy of Brera there.
    Francesco Hayez Portrait of a Veneitan Woman
    Portrait of a Veneitan Woman
    Assessment of the career of Hayez is complicated by the fact that he often did not sign or date his works. Often the date indicated from the evidence is that at which the work was acquired or sold, not of its creation.
      Francesco Hayez Portrait of Count Ninni
    Portrait of Count Ninni
    Moreover he often painted the same compositions several times with minimal variations, or even with no variation. His early works show the influence of Ingres and the Nazarene movement. His later work participates in the Classical revival.
    Portrait of Felicina Caglio Perego di Cremnago 1841
    Des peintures de Francesco Hayez:.
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    Portrait of Countess Luigia Douglas Scotti d'Adda




    File:Francesco Hayez 058.jpg


    Autoportrait à 88 ans (1879) Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Venezia












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